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Vasavi Kanyakaparameswari and her message

Vasavi Kanyakaparameswari
and her message

 Vasavi's life is worth remembering, because of her faith in non-violence religious values and her defense of status of women. She becomes immortal as she has been mainly responsible for the propagation of reputation of Vysyas throughout the world. Vasavi who had rejected worldly pleasures won the minds of   Vysyas and the champion of peace and non-violence should be remembered at all times by one and all.

Standing before the fire-pit, after due prayers to the Nagareswaraswamy and Vindhyavasini idols, and Janaradhanaswamuy and Kanakamala with due rituals, Vasavamba in ringing tones advised "Venerable Acharya and esteemed citizens of this Mahanagara! Please listen to my final message – devote to act as protective armor and none can shatter or remove it. It is impregnable and emancipates its adorers. Have absolute faith in the omnipotent Lord Siva. He lifts Drive off the Arishad vargas. Nullify them, if ever they try to overpower you. Recognize the power of vignana and master it, and it alone conquers the unconquerable.
Our community will be blessed with superb powers of intellect, exemplary shrewdness and commendable presence of mind. Bear it in mind, to lift the weak, adore the pious; protect the refugees, and show non-violence to any at any time.
Dedicate yourself to noble causes. Give up life if necessary for establishing Dharma (good).
Trust in the soul-force and it will repel any earthy potentate, however much military might he has at his command to the extent of exercising paramount over all, and all the continents. And certainly it alone boomeranging on him, floors him in the end. Passive resistance, the visible manifestation of the soul force nourished by the Supreme Providence humbles the satanic power and prostrating itself acknowledges the formers invincibility and superiority! Atmahuti wrings tears even in the steel frame and wins world sympathy. Acquire it! Accumulate it. Enrich it by putting it to right cause. It crowns one with immortal fame indelible and rewards with awards innumerable not by the third party, but by the opponent itself. Follow the ashram dharma strictly.
Don't be under the illusion of the eternity of the worldly pleasures, or their monetary gratification.
Don’t be alienated from Vaideeka Karmas. Adherence to them ensures everlasting bliss finally, fear not the danger from that treacherous autocrat Vishnu Vardhan; I cursed that his head would be disintegrated into sahasrakoti atoms even before his foot touch our holy Penugonda soil and his soldiers become pretas. And finally rather importantly, beware of the dastardly aridly impact of Dhana; indeed, it is the life breath, but, like cancerous worm, it feeds upon the fed and endangers the very existence. Earn it only to put to right cause.
Never be swept off by its eluding charms; for, it corrupts and pollutes, if adored unduly, Its corrosion affects scraping all the imperious sheen of life and lands the victim in yama loka for eternal damnation. Mammon worshippers never rise to heights, but fall into abyss, though they command even the elements.
Out of your honest earnings give a quarter to the destitute and more less unfortunate; another to the Kula gurus – Brahmins, third for sustenance and graceful living and the last quarter for religious activities, inclusive of manes for the performance of sraddha, anna dana etc, beware of the unethical impact of hoarding and greed. They are like obnoxious pisachis regale at the destruction of their own benefactors.
Moreover they hold their victims in tight grip and squeeze them to the last drop. Above all greed and hoarding smother their votaries in eternal shame and submerge them in ocean of grief. They never bring dignity nor add luster to live. It is nothing but a living death, if they are relied upon.
Drive off those sinister evils and lead a life overflowing with integrity and divine ideals humility. If practiced with tenacity the fourteen worlds praise and adore you as worshipful deities both during living and after death too”.  
Saying thus, she surveyed the assembled from corner to corner and seeing them all tear-stained, though exuberant in spirit at their final advice. She looked at the Nissvartha Thyaga murthys- voluntary renounces, who bubbling with inexplicable ethereal joy showed willingness by their looks to jump into Agni gunda at the wink of her eye.  

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